Jarrow Lecture

This years lecture was held on 25th May 2018 at 7.30pm in St Paul's.  

                      Bede's Diocese

       Lecturer Dr Eric Cambridge

Dr Eric Cambridge's principal interests are in medieval archaeology and history.  Within those broad fields he specialise in the material culture, and particularly the architectural history, of the medieval church.  He also has a special focus on the North East, particularly on medieval Durham (his doctoral research being on Durham Cathedral and its masons in the later Middle Ages).

Copies of the lecture will be available later this year.



In 1958 the then Rector of Jarrow, the Revd. George Beckwith, came up with the idea that in ST Paul's Church each year a lecture should be given on some aspect of the history and significance of Jarrow.  The primary purpose of the series of lectures is to spread a knowledge of Jarrow and it's significance.  The second pupose is to help provide funds for the fabric and restoration of St Paul's Church, through the sale of the lectures.

Each year since 1958 there has been a Jarrow Lecture given by an eminent academic.  These can be purchased within the church or by contacting the Lecture Secretary on tel 0191 4891344


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